North London bespoke Carpentry and Joinery Services.
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Get the interior of your dream

Cover up the joints or just enhance the overall interior of your room. Having an aim to provide you with the intricate chip carpentry or mouldings, we make sure to design for you the best skirting boards that are the perfect fit to your room.

Our purposely trained team excels in making sure to bring your ideas to life. Just explain what you want and our team is there to join the dots and create your perfect bespoke design for your desired room. We start off with measuring the length and width of the room, this ensures perfect fittings. The second step is to discuss with you whether you want it to be just a few millimeters close to the floor or higher enough on the wall to give a refined look.

Thinner designs are more inclined towards more modern looks whereas higher represent more of an antique look. Wanting to go opposite? We get how you want to implement what’s in your mind with making sure it looks best.

We provide a variety of designs within boards, incorporating whatever look you want, modern or ancient, we will add that specific design into your desired length and come up with your intricate yet royal design. Towards the last step, we finish off by furnishing and painting it with the perfect match with you room colours. From a palette of thousands of colours we will find for you the best brown, the ideal white or the absolute grey, whatever suits the best. Being in the reach of toddlers and being stained with all types of dirt, we know how much skirting boards are ruined in everyday life.

For this purpose, we use the quality materials that are durable and easy to clean. If taken care of we can assure these will prove to be your companion for years or maybe forever. Installation of skirting boards and cleanliness that comes with it is all on us, all you have to do it enjoy the end look. Invest once & enjoy forever!