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Wardrobes are great additions to bedrooms as well as other rooms in the home where you simply need more storage options. When you want to keep everything organised, we’ll show you how to accomplish that with a wardrobe that is built to your specifications.

The best part about a bespoke wardrobe is that it’s custom made based on material, style, and more. At ET Bespoke Joinery, we look forward to working closely on a design that you will love.

Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes in London

Looking to make the most of every inch in the house? Get your hands on mad-to-measure fitted wardrobes in London. Opting for a fitted wardrobe design is an imperative decision given that you will need to store your items. Naturally you will need to see the amount of space you have and only then will you be able to determine a style that fits well.

Fitted Wardrobes in North London

Et Bespoke Joinery has a wide range of bespoke wardrobes along with the installation services in North London including fitted wardrobes. Fitted wardrobes along with being an efficient use of space also add value and style to your home. We provide complete ‘made to measure’, customized wardrobe services from the design to the installation. We aim to provide our customers with the fitted wardrobes exactly the way they want.