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Excellent Quality

Our hinged door wardrobes are ideal when you have a lot of space in the room. You can open the door to your wardrobe in order to show off all that is inside. We can add shelves, drawers, and boxes to help you with the overall organisation.

The wardrobes can be built into a wall or be freestanding – whatever works best for your space. One thing that you can count on is that we’ll measure the space and provide recommendations on what we think will work the best.

Our goal is to ensure that you have what you need without having to buy a generic solution from the furniture store. Think about the clothing that you need to accommodate – we’ll provide you with the hanging space that you need for suits and dresses, drawers for your lingerie, and shelves for shoes, sweaters, and anything else that you might need.

View our project portfolio to get a look at some of the stunning designs that we have created for past clients. When you’re ready to learn more about hinged door wardrobes, we’ll work with you every step of the way.

Made to Last

When you spend money in your home, you want to make sure that you’re getting the value. If something breaks a year or two in, you have to spend even more money on a replacement. When you work with us at ET Bespoke Joinery, we’ll make you a wardrobe that is made to last.

We use premium wood and hinges to ensure that the quality is there from top to bottom. Further, we have excellent artisanship to provide you with a beautiful wardrobe that can survive the tests of time.

This can be a wardrobe that will last you the life of your home. It’s not only functional but aesthetically pleasing, too. Should you sell your home, the wardrobe can be included, providing an added value to the home.

When you’re ready to work on your custom wardrobe, talk to us. We’ll show you how the minute details ensure that you have a quality product from us.

Reasons to Love Hinged Doors Wardrobe

The style and color you select will impact the aesthetics, and the hardware and materials you choose will affect the durability and functionality. Hinged door wardrobes are a traditional and cost-effective alternative. These can be adapted with contemporary design themes and offer a classical look.

Hinged Door Wardrobes

If you are on the quest to find a bedroom solution that is as functional as it is pretty, Hinged Door Wardrobe is what you need. It is far better than a sliding door wardrobe due to its durability and convenience.